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Gentil Montaña - Suite Colombiana No. 2: II. Guabina Viajera (Score video) MP3 İndir

Gentil Montaña (1942–2011), born in Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia, was a classical guitarist and composer from Colombia. He was the director of the Fundación Gentil Montaña. Most notable among his compositions are four suites for guitar which include several popular Colombian dances such as the Bambuco, Guabina and Porro, as well as other Latin American dances such as the Cancion. Gentil Montaña's Guabina Viajera from Suite Colombiana No. 2. Eduardo Fernandez, guitar. ------------------------------------------------------------- Video made only with educational and diffusion purposes. The videos published in this channel are only dedicated to diffussion and eduational purposes, not commercial. If someone, composer or company, for any reason, would deem that a video appearing in this channel violates the copyright, please inform us immediately before you submit a claim to Youtube, and the video will be removed immediately. Please and thanks.